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Below is a sampling of the many and varied projects on which I worked. If there are any questions, I encourage you to use the contact form as shown on the navigation.

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Websites and Graphic Design

I have the opportunity to create websites and design logos and other work for the community of Cache Valley. Below is a small list of items on which I have worked.



We used videos often in marketing at Intermountain Healthcare. Here are four that highlight some of the different styles I used.

The Budge Clinic Obstetrics and Gynecology video was designed to show our patients a little bit of the human side of their clinicians. The relationship between an OBGYN provider and the patient is a very personal one. Understanding that these providers will always be remembered in the lives of these women, whether it is during a birth, a struggle with fertility, or gynecological issues, this video allows the patients and their families to learn a little bit more about their OBGYN physicians.

The 2015 Budge Clinic Expansion video was created to highlight the growth of the clinic and hospital and to show that we are doing our best to keep up with the needs of the community.

Logan Regional Surgical Services video was a joint project between myself and the communicators who represented Logan Regional Hospital. Knowing that the hospital wanted to promote its same-day surgery department, and knowing that it was my physicians who were doing the surgeries, we collaborated on this video to fit both of our needs.

Dr. Erica L. Smith's video is an example of a new provider video I created for each new physician. These videos help the community to meet their provider without having to schedule and make an appointment.

Budge Obstetrics and Gynecology is one of the competitive service lines offered. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve, connect with our patients, and stand out from the crowd. This infographic is a fun way to look at facts which try to convey that the experience of our physicians are unmatched by any others in the valley.

The provider referral directory was created for clinicians to give to their patients when making a referral. All contact information is included for each provider. Also included is a location in which to write the date and time of the referred appointment. This handout was was updated and reprinted every four months or so.

The Box Elder InstaCare was not seeing as much patient volume as preferred. Since I had already done radio, two direct mailings, community events, and newspaper ads touting the InstaCare itself, we decided to focus on educating the public so they knew when to go to an InstaCare vs. when to go to an emergency room. The inside of this mailer had a plastic credit-card sized card with the information included. 

As each new physician joined our team, I created a basic marketing plan for them which included a personalized rack card as seen above, posters to place in the lobbies of our clinics, newspaper ads, and a new physician video. The need for additional marketing was evaluated based on the service line, the competition, and cost.

An example of a press release for one of our new physicians.

One of the wonderful things about Intermountain Healthcare is the opportunity to use its national presence to tell an important healthcare story. This article is a story about my daughter.

Oncology, a new service line, was offered to the Cache Valley community beginning June of 2016. This poster, which was also used as a newspaper ad, highlights the new service as well as our new physician.

An example of a rack card created to announce a physician move as well as a new physician hire.

The region-based Healing for Life magazine is truly a labor of love. I wrote, edited, or (in some cases) rewrote each article included. Offered twice a year, this magazine is designed to introduce specific health issues, introduce any physicians, and stay in touch with our community. I carefully proofed each and every magazine for any error. (If you do see an error, I don't want to know.)

Creating a 36-page magazine twice a year from scratch takes a lot of organization and detailed timelines. The timeline above shows each step to complete an issue.

In an effort to effectively communicate information to our internal clinicians, our Medical Director, Dr. Brad Goates, and I came up with Goats' Notes. Goats' Notes is a one-page printed handout and is placed on each clinicians desk once a month. Dr. Goates would send me the information we needed to include and I would wordsmith, edit, and/or write the information.

Inevitably, as new clinicians came, some of our long-standing clinicians retired. After years serving our community, many of our physicians have specialized in specific health issues. The retirement letter needs to include clear and concise information and direction for each patient upon the physician's retirement.

Bus ads can be very effective in Cache Valley. As Dr. Tye Harrison is building up his practice, we decided to highlight the entire sports medicine team as well as Dr. Harrison.

The expansion of the Budge Clinic in 2015 was an opportunity to show our community the new building. In an effort to help people find their way, I created a public event where participants were to go to each location and have one of my team mark off the participants cards. The brochure highlighted was given to each person at the event as well as handed out to our guests for about six months after.

A public and private event to celebrate our expansion requires a clear budget and updated tracking.

The architects for the expansion received an award for the design and implementation of the Budge Clinic. Once I was notified, I created a press release to inform our community.

Old Lyric Reperatory Theatre was one of the highlights of working with the arts at Utah State. 

Included in a mailer, this description of the Caine Lyric Theatre is a fun and lighthearted history, and includes information regarding Everett, the ghost!

Old Lyric Repertory Theatre offered an apprenticeship to high school juniors and seniors. Along with all other aspects of a professional theatre (set design and building, backstage technical help, lighting, sound, etc.), the apprentices produced their own production.

A flyer promoting auditions for the Department of Music.

One hundred years of art at Utah State University was celebrated, in part, by a faculty exhibition. This brochure was given at the exhibit.

The O.C. Tanner Symposium is a tradition at Utah State University. In 2006 I was responsible for organizing the symposium, including travel and hotel for speakers, venues, marketing, creating any printed matierals, and dinners as well as any other events.