Sally is an accomplished public relations professional who has planned, developed, and deployed countless successful marketing campaigns and public events for physicians and for Intermountain Healthcare and its clinics. I think her ability to organize her work in smart ways helps her produce great work. Sally’s an experienced writer, skilled communicator, fun to collaborate with, and has a great eye for design.

Sally is the consummate people person, which makes her so valuable in her communications role. Her focus is on moving hearts and souls, not just minds. I appreciate very much the way in which she throws herself into any task and truly cares about its outcome – did it make a real difference and did it create a new and stronger relationship? She truly cares about what she does and how well she does it.

Sarah Beth Fitzgerald

Communications Manager
Layton Hospital

I had the pleasure of working with Sally directly while I was a Communications Specialist at Logan Regional Hospital. Sally is an exceptional professional that takes pride in her work and is passionate about her role. She always strives to help those around her, improve herself personally and professionally and is always looking for a great challenge she can tackle and improve. I would highly recommend Sally as a skilled marketer and communicator. She understands, marketing, communications, and public relations and is an incredible asset to any organization she works with.

Sally is the ultimate team player. I had the pleasure of working as her peer at Intermountain Healthcare over the past year. When I joined the team, Sally took me under her wing and served as an incredible mentor. She is a talented problem-solver and is able to offer creative and effective solutions to any challenge. I was always impressed with her positive attitude and ability to drive results. Sally would be an incredible asset to any team and I give her my highest recommendation.

Teri Guy

Development Officer
Utah Public Radio

I have had the privilege of working with Sally Stocker at several levels on the campus of Utah State University. She has always been thorough and professional, organized and dependable. I have always known Sally to be of good character, generous and kind. Any organization would be lucky to have her represent them at any level of administration.

Lance Frazier

Communications Specialist
Logan Regional Hospital

Sally is a creative thinker who is easy to work with. She is a perfectionistic editor, always paying close attention to details in her work or when checking the work of others. I have known Sally for years, and have found her to be generous with her time and willing to invest her energy fully into whatever is best for the team. I would be happy for the opportunity to work with her again.

Chad Arnett

Digital Marketing Manager
Intermountain Healthcare

Sally is a talented marketer who routinely comes up with innovative solutions to common business obstacles. In her role, she has consistently been able to deliver on effective marketing strategies and materials to increase her regional clinic's web presence. She's intelligent, personable, and fun to work with. She's a valuable member to any team!

It's rare to come across talent and ability mixed in just the right way as Sally has. She has the ability to think strategically, act with resolution and lead while at the same time helping everyone feel comfortable and capable of their own abilities.

When I first started my position here at Intermountain, Sally helped to teach me and guide me how to be a better marketer of healthcare and was a great mentor. 

Anyone that has the chance to work with Sally should jump on it!

Sally was highly organized and efficient as she juggled managing a brand new Ticket Office and Front-of-House event staff while providing marketing for the entire College of the Arts. She pioneered events such as the student Fringe Film Festival which continues to be a great success. I was especially impressed as Sally adapted to and embraced new responsibilities during the development of a new College.

As a supervisor, she is patient and remains accessible to all her employees. She took special effort to assign student employees to projects which fit their skill level, but were also interesting and challenging. I highly recommend Sally.

Sally is a great boss that was always clear about what she needed. As a boss she was always fair and organized so that the job was easy for everyone that worked for her.